Cape Town Winter: Drizzly Day Activities

17 May 2018

Cape Town winter is the most  dreaded season in the city and every Capetonian is getting  ready for the long cold and wet months. Whether they are getting a new pair of boots and uggs, onesies, blankies and throws, everyone makes a point to go through the winter months as comfortably as possible. But, and a big BUT,  while everyone concentrates on getting ready with what makes them comfortable in their homes, they neglect all the other things that one can enjoy outside of the house. That being said, here is a selection of  our top 5 of drizzly day activities to keep you from snoring even when it's pouring.

No.1 Hang Time Gym

For the fitness freaks and adventure enthusiasts, indoor rock climbing at the Hang Time gym is a perfect alternative to hiking and rock climbing if you don't feel like getting wet and possibly catching a fever. The gym offers all rock climbers, beginners to advanced perfect opportunity to satisfy their appetite for a rush. The gym is open everyday and they have specials too. 

No.2 Cape Town Comedy Club

A couple of hours of laughter can keep the cold away! Cape Town's hottest comedy club is the best place to enjoy a cozy evening on a cold and wet night. The Cape Town Comedy Club hosts shows every Wednesday to Saturday that feature both up-and-coming talents and some of the best from around the country. What's more, they have a great menu boasting tasty mains, pizzas and more. The bar rocks with signature cocktails, their very own craft beer and Happy Hour is between 6 and 7 pm.  

 No. 3 Theater at Alexander Upstairs

One cannot deny that the Alexander Theater, located above the charming Alexander Bar & Café is one of the city's top chill spot. After enjoying a delicious dinner or a few drinks, a great night cap would be to watch one of the marvelous acts produced at the theater upstairs. The cozy venue features anything from cabaret, stand-up comedy and book readings to jazz, acoustic sessions and drama productions, anything to get your mind off dim weather. 

No. 4 Bugz Play Park

There is no running, when it's hype time for those little ones and the perfect escape is definitely Bugz Play Park.  Bugz Play Park features an outdoor play area but an exciting indoor venue too, that is perfect for rainy weather. Your kids can play on the different obstacle jungle gyms, slides, play houses, soft play areas and more in the safety of an enclosed space.

No. 5 The Big Box Café

When all you need is relaxation, a "cuppa joe" or a nice chill out with a few friends, The Big Box Café is your go to place to enjoy a selection of dice games, wooden games and strategy games. Not only will you be tempted to try their French Nutella Crepes but the café  also make an ideal chill spot becaause it is wheelchair- deaf and kid-friendly, new games are brought in every month, a perfect excuse for a regular visit.


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